Blackwater def Magnolia, 101-100 [2021 Governors’ Cup | March 9, 2022]


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Call it a “crucial non-bearing game.”

It’s the face-off between runaway elims topnotcher Magnolia versus winless tail-ender Blackwater to end the campaigns of both teams in the PBA Governors’ Cup elimination round at the Smart Araneta Coliseum Wednesday.

The match result will have no more bearing on the finishes the Hotshots and the Bossing have already got. Magnolia has got a lock on top position while Blackwater, sadly, can’t escape a last-place windup.

Nonetheless, the two teams are likely to go hammer and tongs at each other in their 6 p.m. tiff.

It’s a match to watch since it will have a big impact on what’s going down in history.

Blackwater is on a 29-game losing skid and is determined to avoid a second straight conference shutout. Magnolia, for its part, wouldn’t like to go down in history as the team Blackwater beat to end its misery.

For sure, the Hotshots would like to sustain their romp and keep the momentum going to the quarterfinals where they face the No. 8 seed.

If the Bossing bungle this game, they end Season 46 with a fat zero.

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@peepso_user_500(manok )
Parang gusto na umuwi ni Poli. 😁
@peepso_user_498(doods )
pati si Harris wala din sa wisyo. sabagay no-bearing naman, kaya lang sa walang kwentang team pa sila nagpatalo.
8 months ago
And AD57 strikes again!!!!
8 months ago
Aww we lost, okay lang yan no bearing Naman. So happy for blackwater for getting their first win in a while ☺️
@peepso_user_498(doods )
yes bro, okay lang yan. hopefully nga lang hindi makaapekto sa kanila. tinalo sila ng kulelat.
@peepso_user_500(manok )
No bearing game, yun nga lang Blackwater ang kalaban. More than one year na walang panalo, nakakahiya.
8 months ago
@peepso_user_495(SolidPF )
welcome bro @peepso_user_744(Ferdicakes) sa site natin! tambay lang dito kapag may time! 😁
8 months ago
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